Thursday, October 21, 2004

what is this all about?

Subject: art project: five million copies I l amp san d : : : cLuster -john m. bennett 5,000,000 : Art project: five million copies : the five million copies project : (part one) (F)ive million copies : the goal/object is to make five million copies of this poem: I l amp san d : : : cLuster by john m. bennett so, electronically or photocopy/printing/letterpress/offset//rubberstamp ! by hand ! include in publications , 'zines , books , website / e-mail ! any other method - - - *report* back to or imp press: 21 Valleyview Dr. SW/ Medicine Hat, Alberta/ T1A 7K5 / CANADA a running total will be kept at with credit to all participants--- also snail documentation by request (or for snail participation) documentation to all! send a copy to: imp press 21 Valleyview Dr. SW Medicine Hat, Alberta T1A 7K5 CANADA here's a few more copies to start you off: I l amp san d : : : cLuster I l amp san d : : : cLuster

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